Fish Tank Gang

Friendships are the family we get to choose. It’s the people we connect with, and we find to love not because we have to, but because we genuinely love who they are.

I find myself thinking about my friends often and how I’ve leaned on several of them in times of need. I tend to make friends everywhere I go, and most would consider me a social butterfly. Being the pastor kid growing up, I had to learn to be social and pleasing because that is what my father did. But there is only a handful of people who I have truly let inside my life. A handful of people who have broken the thick shell I hide in.

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about letting go, and how hard it was for me to be let go. What I learned as I went through that experience was that it wasn’t about them letting me go, but about me giving space. Learning to be kind, understanding, listening to their needs. I didn’t need to be in control at all times. It hit me hard, but I learned from that experience, and because of that I’m a better person and a much better friend.

Get yourself a Tank Gang kind of group. The fish that lived in the fish tank and supported Nemo on his quest to get back to the ocean. Find yourself, friends who love you, support you, encourage you, and make you a better person.

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