Hello 2020, Goodbye 2019!

This is a Caticorn Adventure…

Life sometimes takes you to unexpected places, gives you unexpected experiences and teaches you life lessons that will forever stay with you. This is all part of growing up. Life continues to constantly teach me things. In the short 32 years of my life I have learned so much, more than other people will experience in a lifetime.
My life hasn’t been easy, but it’s been filled with great experiences. Experiences that have shaped me into who I am. I have been broken, I have been put back together but mainly I have been fulfilled.
I am the daughter of a strong woman, someone who has fought so much in her life. Her life experiences have been mine and never would I have thought that someone could go through so much pain yet still be an amazing mother, sister, human. My mother has made me who I am. She grew up in an abusive home, raised all her siblings, lost 3 children, fought cancer, went through a separation while fighting for her life and while still raising me to be who I am.
I am also the daughter of a man who taught me to always look for the good in people, to give people opportunities to help people, and despite all of his flaws he taught me how to love and serve others.

So you’re probably wondering why I am telling you about my parents? It’s because the older I get the more I realize I am who I am because of them. I have my flaws, and have learned so much from them indirectly.

As the year comes to an end I tend to reflect on what I have learned this year:

1. Trust your gut: I had a feeling at the beginning of this year something would happen. I notice things and should have listened to my instinct but I chose to ignore it. The same gut feeling I had at the beginning of the year came true.

2. Learn from your mistakes: I know this sounds very cliche, and it’s probably the most used quote on the internet, but this is totally true. You live and learn, and at the end of the day every failure, mistake and misshapen will teach you a valuable lesson.

3. Put yourself out there: I’m an extrovert at heart, but I’m also an introvert in certain situations. The introverted part in me comes from a place where I keep my guard up and don’t allow people to get to know me. As I get older I’ve developed more of a shell to not let people in. It’s a defense mechanism, but if anything this year has taught me is to let go and get out there.

4. Things Happen For a Reason: This year was huge! I lost a very meaningful friendship, and even though I’m still mourning the loss of that friendship one thing has taught me is that it happened for a reason. I look at the past 6 months of my life and realize I wouldn’t have met some of the people I have met if that situation didn’t happen. It has also been a way to finally open up and talk about some of my insecurities, and get closer to other people.

5. Tequila is the best medicine for a heartbreak, to celebrate and just to turn up and live a caticorn adventure.

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