Did someone say Enrique or Canada?

Hey Guys! It almost feels like I haven’t been here in a hot minute (maybe it’s because I haven’t wrote a new blog post in over a month!), but I’m here now and do I have a something to share!

May was super busy but such a good month, but then again any month is good when you’re having fun and making memories right? After an intense week of work at the beginning of May my mini vacation finally came. Most of the time I don’t plan my vacation, vacation plans me. Visiting Niagara Falls in Canada was no exception!

If you have been following me on IG for a while then you must know that I have the ultimate fan status title with Enrique Iglesias. I have been following him since the beginning (1997) of his career. Enrique is like a family member in my household. So when my dear friend Neena called and offered me free tickets to his concert in Niagara Falls a girl must oblige and say yes (duh!).

The two night concert was fantastic. Front row seats and surrounded by friends was all a girl could ask for. Enrique as always not only gave it his all, but poured his heart into the crowd. The first night he spotted my friend Neena and myself in the crowd and just kept coming over. At one point he even handed Neena the microphone for her to sing.

The second night we had a meet and greet. If you ever done a meet and greet with a celebrity, you know they run super fast. You take a picture and then you’re forced to walk away. With Enrique is no exception, but his team was aware we had brought him gifts and gave us a little extra time. Neena and I had the opportunity to talk to him individually and give him our gifts.

He recently became a father and since Father’s Day was just around the corner, I got him some cute socks with his children face on them. Cheesy, I know but – like I said he’s like family so, yeah…

Niagara Falls have been on my bucket list for forever! Needless to say it was everything I dreamt of and more. As always, I have the time of my life when surrounded by [Enrique] friends and Enrique himself.

Here are a few pictures from the concert and my sightseeing!

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