Finding My Unicorn

Have you ever thought about your happiness? Like truly, what makes you happy? The joy that no one can steal?

This has been on my mind lately, it’s a constant struggle between what makes me happy vs what makes others happy? In a world that is constantly moving do we even take the time to stop and really ask ourselves that question?

In recent weeks I have discovered that finding my own unicorn (happiness) is what my life is about. Believing in myself is a must to find my happiness, to stop please people around me and focus on me and my happiness.

So if you’re reading this and wondering why I am writing all of this, is because I am here to tell you IT IS OK for you to focus on yourself, on your wishes, likes and dislikes. It is OK for you to be a little selfish and want more for YOU. Don’t fall for the guilt trip of your friends, family, partner or whoever when you tell them no.  Find your unicorn, work on it everyday and never ever let go!

Hasta Pronto,

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