My Top 3 Must Read Books for Personal Development

So I love to read, but I can never really focus so I found the next best thing… Audible! Here is my top 3 personal development books I’ve listened (and loved) to so far in 2019. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have a book suggestion, leave me a comment. I’m always looking for the next book to read (listen)!

  1. Unfu*k Yourself – Gary John Bishop
    This book, where do I even begin? This is a tough love, no bullshit kinda book. This book tells you how it is and points out all the excuses we give ourselves to not succeed. For real! If you are in a funk, unhappy, procrastinating, etc., go read this book! This book pushed me to get this blog started!
  2. Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
    Oh David, I fell in love with him the moment I started listening. So the audible version is a little different from the book (it’s better!). He turned the audio version into a podcast kinda thing. This book is about tapping your mind to do great things. Pushing yourself to no limit and learning that anything can be accomplished.
  3. Girl, Stop Apologizing– Rachel Hollis
    I read Rachels first book “Girl, Wash Your Face” and liked her tell it as is attitude. This book is about putting the excuses aside and getting things done. She reminds you that to achieve something, hard work and commitment is required. This book is about how to stop talking yourself out of your dreams, and start actually working towards your dreams.

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